Mobile Door Opener Dubai

Control Doors with Mobile Door Opener

If you are fed up of handling separate openers, control your doors and gates with mobile door openers. offers cost-effective mobile door opener Dubai. You can now simply unlock your doors with a single call from your smartphone. You can also authorize multiple phone numbers to unlock a single door lock.

No more hassle of handling separate keypad door openers or remote openers. Give a non-chargeable call from your mobile and unlock the door. This is also an excellent way of restricting access to your properties.

Mobile Phone Door Opening System

This smart way of unlocking door allows users to open doors from authorized numbers. Everyone today is carrying a smartphone. In such a scenario, nothing is as advanced as unlocking gates with mobile phones. A single call will send a signal to the door and deactivate the lock. As the door is unlocked with the phone, the user can access it.

The owner can add and delete the authorized mobile numbers from the system to control the access from time to time. GSM based door opening system is the latest buzz in the security system industry.

How it Works

The mobile door opener work towards unlocking doors by using the phone number as a unique password. No manual effort is required in this type of door access. The owner calls from the authorized SIM interfaced with the security system. This call is made free of charge and it remains unanswered. The call from the mobile number generates a unique frequency. This frequency is further decoded by the system. If it is matched with the programmed authorized number, it deactivates the lock. Microcontroller initiates opening of the door only if the call is from an authorized number.

This system carries non-volatile memory and hence the owner can change the number or add numbers. The owner can also remove the number from the list of authorized numbers.

Smartphone Enabled Door Access

GSM door openers are mobile phone door openers that allow users to open doors with a call from their phone. This eliminates the hassle of carrying and handling a separate keypad or card or door openers. It also saves the users from the hassle of remembering unique pin code or password.

Nobody can break into your property with stolen or hacked password. No stress of losing the openers and keys. You will no longer be waiting outside without opener or keys or any other tool. As you always carry your smartphone with you, it is as simple as making a call. With the coming of smart door access system, configuring access with your smartphones is the most natural thing to do. Our smartphones have replaced our alarm clocks, watches, cameras, and diaries. Why not use them as keys to open our doors.

Mobile phone door openers are popular for garage doors, industrial doors, and large commercial complexes, as well home doors. A digital smart lock also enhances safety and luxury for your family. It gives special benefits to the elders and person with special requirements. Senior citizens and people with physical disabilities need not do any manual effort to open the lock using keys.