Gate Lock Dubai

Automated Gate Lock – Features and Benefits

We is a distinguished supplier of electronic gate lock Dubai. Our superior quality security and intercom systems give a peaceful life to all our clients. Modern automated gate lock Dubai offers a high level of safety and security to the properties and people. Your fixed properties also store pricey goods and confidential documents. Modern gate locks keep them safe and secured.

Automatic gate locks feature a variety of security enhancements. From remote control to customized accesses, owners have great flexibility for access and operations. The smartest lock systems allow users to open the doors from their smartphones just by a single non-chargeable call.

Benefits of Automated Gate Locks

Automated gate locks work wonders for the industrial and residential premises. They maintain your vigilance in various ways and serve as your watchdog.

Here are the best ways in which this modern automatic lock benefits you.

1. Restricted Gate Access

Automatic gate locks allow users to restrict gate access only to a few authorized people. An employer can provide passwords or cards to the employees. Intrusion by any unauthorized person will be restricted. This offers high security due to proximity card reader and pin code based operation.

2. Monitors Exit and Entries

Gate locks in Dubai by provides excellent monitoring. The owner can determine who will be allowed to enter and who will exit. Swiping the card single time may open the door. At the same tile multiple swipes can lock it or unlock it. The system also illuminates lighting and activates audio zones.

3. Customization of Access

Automatic electronic door lock can be customized to restrict access to few people as well to few areas. Each card can be given to a specific user and access can be customized. You can restrict access to some crucial departments only to yourself or a group of related staff. You might want to give full access to the parking area but not all the areas.

4. Automatic Control of Access

The user need not operate the gates manually with our range of smart gate locks. Owners get extended access beyond the main basic entry. Locks can be applied for the main gate, parking gate, physical barriers, garage doors, and inside doors. Access for every area can be controlled quickly with simple operations like adding, deleting, and editing. offers a comprehensive range of door locks, security systems for parking barriers, and gate access solutions. We supply the most reputed and trusted brands with products designed to meet all the needs of the modern premises.

Why Restricted Access is Important

Maintaining security in large places like universities, big hotels, hospitals, industrial complex, and jewellery shops is challenging. Automated electronic gate locks give simple ways to control and maintain authorized access to the gates. Owners can provide security to their key areas by restricting access to these areas.

Large units have many people entering and exiting during working hours. Besides the owners, there are employees, workers, repairers, and outsiders coming in. This makes your important documents and departments vulnerable. Your total building including all the rooms and cabins are exposed to the known and unknown visitors.