Gate Intercom Dubai

Best Gate Intercoms for Safety in Dubai

Gate intercoms are popular in homes and commercial units for enhanced safety. Whether you are a large corporate or a small office, the safety of your property is your first priority. A secure gate is all about keeping your property safe and secures 24x7. is a leading supplier of best gate intercoms in Dubai.

In spite of being in a safe city like Dubai, we often run into unpleasant incidents. Robberies and burglaries still take place in our apartments. The reason is the exposure of our buildings to many people. A single ring of doorbell needs us to open our doors to any unknown standing outside. While we always expect someone known, chances are there to see unknown faces as well.

High Security for Properties

As we are absent and away from your premises, they are more vulnerable to burglaries. Intruders often find a time when the owner is not at home. Security concerns are high when you are away from your property. Automated gate intercoms are the best way to ensure the safety of your premises. Gate intercoms let only authorized person to access the door. Residential or commercial modern gate intercoms are suitable for all your properties.

Keeping fixed assets safe is now simple with smart gate intercoms. A modern gate security system alerts the owner through alarms or buzz directly on their gadgets in the case of intrusion. The owner can open and close the gates using a secret password and keypad openers. Further, the intercoms at the gate can be accessed from your smartphones as well. Modern GSM-based gate openers also allow users to access doors with a phone call. This eliminates the hassle of remembering the password or handling a remote opener.

Types of Modern Gate Intercoms

You store precious goods at your personal and commercial properties. Their main entry gate needs a strong security system. There is a variety of smart gate security solutions today. We at present various types of advanced gate intercoms for authorized access. Besides authorized access, these systems also work to alarm you in the case of any break-ins.

1. Keycode Gate Intercoms
2. Proximity Access Control
3. Card Access Control System
4. Biometric Access Control
5. GSM based intercoms

Key code based intercoms let you enter a PIN code to access the gate. The card access control allows one to insert a smart card to open the gate. A unique code or password is programmed into the system that is known only to the owner. The owner can implement multiple passwords and nullify them or re-program them as per his/her requirement.

Biometric gate intercoms use fingerprint or thumbprint readers to gain access to the door. This system is widely used in high-security complexes where entry is restricted only to an authorized group of people. In many cases bio-metric as well pin code verification is used in combination to intensify the security measures.

High value and crucial departments and properties are highly vulnerable. It attracts burglars and unfair intruders. Your entire personal wealth and confidential data and documents are vulnerable if your gates lack advanced security intercom systems.