Gate Electric Lock Dubai

How to Choose Gate Electric Lock in Dubai

Being an established supplier of gate locks in Dubai, is glad to offer best locks. With a wide range of options available, it might be confusing to choose right electric lock Dubai. This post tells you how you can select the most suitable lock as per your need.

Modern electric door Dubai and gates demand high security and hence strong electric locks are manufactured. These locks are ideal for automated electronic gates and doors. They allow remote opening and closing without leaving your car. At the same time, they also have manual access. Selecting right lock is never an easy task. Further, we have made a sincere attempt to explain how to select right security system.

Heavy Main Entrance Gate Locks

Electric gate Dubai locks are generally used for main entrances. The main entrances are normally having heavy and extra strong gates or doors. It can be an iron gate or a large wooden door. With such heavy gates, the common electric lock might be vulnerable due to excess stress during operation. Our electric locks with extra rotating system ensure smooth operation. Made of high strength tensile material, the lock offers total security to the entrances. is an established supplier of gate electric lock Dubai. All types of automated and manual functions and features are available with our security solutions.

Automated Electronic Gate Locks

A main metal door gate also goes well with automated electronic gate locks. These locks are best when you want to limit access to the gates or doors. We are proud to offer locks that can be operated in many ways. Electronic gate locks can be used as standalone locks with push buttons and keys. Remote access keypad openers are also available for quick hassle-free opening and closing.

If you are looking for hassle-free operation, electronic locks with remote openers are an ideal choice. You can also operate these locks with the help of keypad openers, smartphones, pin codes, and smart card insertion.

Find the best features of our automated electronic locks for gates in Dubai-

1. Electronic gate locks can be unlocked with a single push button from outside.
2. Audio or video door phones can be integrated with the gates.
3. Remote door openers with sensors are available.
4. High-security systems like pin code based and GSM based opening can be configured with the electric doors.
5. Users can easily reprogram their secret passwords or pin codes to open the gates.
6. Electronic locks can be opened with a switch installed in different rooms and floors without reaching the gate.
7. These electronic locks can be configured with a biometric access system.

Electronic locks are best to provide high security to commercial and industrial premises. Our full line of locks is best for electric gate Dubai.

While electronic locks are most suitable for heavy steel and iron gates, they are also used for wooden and aluminium doors. Electronic motorised locks are rather more popular for aluminium and wooden doors. Automated electronic locks are also suitable for large villas, residential bungalows, and multi-storeyed buildings.