Door Phone Dubai

Door phones are a set of electronic and electrical components made to activate communication between the insider and the visitor. It allows the owner to communicate without opening the doors. The security doorbell system is connected to a communication system. The communication system is either audio based or audio-visual enabled.

The door phones are widely used in structures like apartment blocks, bungalows, and small houses. They form an important installation in most of the modern homes. The door phones are the simplest version of the communication device used for security purpose.

Audio-Video Door Phones in Dubai offers best quality audio and/or video door phone Dubai. Video door phone gives you a visual of the person standing outside. The audio-visual door phone also allows users to speak to the visitor without opening the door.

This door phones can also be integrated with smartphones and tablets. Users can answer the doorbells and speak to the visitors even while you are away from homes. This standalone security system is simple to install and operate. Users can operate it with one-time training. offers affordable installation services for video door phones in Dubai. We supply door phones from all the world-class brands of the world including Commax and Aiphone.

How Door Phones Work

Door phones are made of two different parts. One portion is installed outside the house with a camera and mike for communication. The outside panel is installed outside the premise entry. They also have a lighting feature that activates night vision camera. The other portion remains inside in the house with a screen that provides a high-resolution clear picture of the person standing outside the house. A telephonic device allows the owner to press a button and activate communication with the visitor without opening the door. The person inside can choose to give access to the visitor as per identification and verification.

Door Phone Repair Services

We repair all brands of video door phones like Hikvision, Panasonic, and Aiphone. Quick repairing keeps your doors work flawlessly. Any malfunction in the communication device, ringing system, and lock is fixed quickly by our skilled team of technicians. is a large team of trained technicians and engineers who repair any issue with the door phones at once. A quick visit to your premises will fix any trouble with your security system. Various models of video door phones are available today. We have expertise in repairing all the types and all the versions of door phones in a single building or multi-storey building.

Our door phone repair Dubai services are second to none in terms of timeliness, affordability, and efficiency.

We are a top door phone repairer in Dubai and surrounding regions. Quick repair and regular maintenance keep the systems functional without any interruption. Our efficient and affordable services ensure a high level of security to your properties. With us, you have guaranteed prompt attention from our trained technicians. Early detection of faults and right methods of fixing the issues prolongs the overall life of your security systems including door phones. We receive complains and issues and also replace faulty door phones with excellent staff support.